Terms & Conditions

  1. Fin Tax agrees to attend to the tax affairs of the client in strictest confidence and will not disclose any information pertaining to client’s tax affairs to any person(s) other than when we are compelled by law to do it;
  2. Fees will be billed based on time, skill and level of expertise required;
  3. The scope of all our tax submissions are done online via E-Filing, and the client agrees to allow Fin Tax access to his / her E-filing profile, or consents to Fin Tax creating such a profile for the tax payer on Fin Tax’s registered practitioner profiles;
  4. The client agrees that Fin Tax may transmit and communicate sensitive information electronically, via email, as per the client provided email address;
  5. Fees may be billed based on work in progress where projects / disputes / work done may be pending or incomplete from time to time;
  6. Fees are payable within 7 days of date of invoice, without any right of set-off;
  7. Interest at the prevailing overdraft interest rates will be charged on overdue accounts;
  8. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the performance of any service or part thereof if payment of any fee is overdue;
  9. We limit our liability to any tax payer for any losses incurred by misinterpretation or incorrect advice to a MAXIMUM amount of two times our fees charged;
  10. We reserve the right of referral on any tax matter that might require specialist legal or audit advice to a practitioner that is suitably qualified in the relevant field;
  11. It is the responsibility of the tax payer to provide complete, reliable, accurate and timeous information in respect of the submission of tax, and any work done in connection with incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate information will be billed additionally;
  12. Depending on the nature and complexity of certain correspondence, Fin Tax may bill additionally for –

a) Telephonic conversations with tax payers/SARS/designated third parties regarding above tax submissions and relevant matters
b) Perusing, corresponding and replying to e-mails regarding above tax submissions and relevant matters.