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Accounting and tax consultancy in
the heart of the ‘Deep South’

At FINTAX, we have a passion for accounting and there is certainly pleasure one gets from completing the exercise correctly and often getting a refund for the taxpayer which is often the greatest delight of this business! So, in some ways, you could say we “work” for SARS or are their agents. Our job is to ensure that deadlines are met timeously otherwise there my be resultant penalties, which you do not want imposed on your client.

Thus there is a great deal of satisfaction in getting a job done on time, having satisfied SARS’ requirements and obviously also having a happy client.

With deadlines, comes the inevitable stress factor which seems to unfortunately increase every year due to constantly changing tax legislation and having to keep abreast of all new developments all the time.

Our Team

FINTAX is a Cape Town-based Accounting and Tax Consultancy Service located at Valyland Shopping Centre, Fish Hoek, where we have been for more than 20 years.

At the time of opening, owner and manager – Diane Pardoe – had extensive experience working for some of the larger Accounting firms such as Deloitte Touché and Ernst and Young (where she completed her articles) together with work for some large Corporates and even lecturing to University students completing their BCom degrees.

Diane Pardoe

Senior Tax Consultant & Accountant

Lucille Kaspersen

Senior Tax Consultant & Accountant

Claire Edward

Tax Consultant & Accountant (Specializing in Estates)

Barbara Jennings


Tanya Pitcher

Tax Consultant & Accountant

Michelle Veldon

Tax Consultant & Accountant (Specializing in Compromises)

Marina Wareham


Wendy Smith


Professional Memberships

You concern yourself with your business, we concern ourselves with your tax issues!