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Our staff are all seasoned tax practitioners in the sphere of tax and accounting and frequently attend seminars and courses all year round to ensure they are up to date with the latest Tax legislation and International Accounting standards, especially since the introduction of the New Company Act 71 of 2008 which requires that Annual Financial Statements be drafted in accordance with IFRS for SMES.

We are more than happy to assist you and your business by processing your accounting/book keeping on a monthly or yearly basis and in addition offer all services in relation to:

  • Monthly PAYE/UIF returns
  • Twice yearly IRP5 reconciliations
  • Online return of earnings submissions
  • VAT returns and reconciliations
  • Your company secretarial requirements (as required by CIPC)
  • All tax returns for individuals
  • Tax returns for Trusts, Close Corporations and Private Companies
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We are dedicated to giving you the best service possible. Failure to pay your taxes on time immediately evokes a 10% penalty and interest; a gross understatement can also lead to a 20% additional tax levied – thus, we take provisional tax very seriously and “hound” taxpayers to communicate with us any unexpected increase in income, for example: a large capital gain or similar.

  • We are constantly up to date with all tax legislation
  • We ensure that your tax affairs are up to date
  • We take pride in “doing things right”
  • We remove the uncertainty from your tax affairs
  • We enjoy getting you that tax refund!
Number of years experience we have in tax and accounting

Million. The number of registered tax payers in South Africa
Percent. The penalty for failing to pay your tax on time
Hundred Billion Rand. Amount of tax collected by SARS in 2013/2014